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Friday night is always New Hope (A church) I, of course went with one of my fake sisters(: Rachael, its always a laugh! It is extremely difficult to write as fast as someone is speaking but here it is:

Good people are people who have been taught to be good. Truth is a fact and reality. It doesn’t matter where you are from or your background. Jesus said: ” I am the truth and the life, no one come to me but by the father”

God uses 5 ways to show us what is true.
1. Through Creation – WE learn a lot about God and a lot about truth just by looking at nature. Romans 1:19: “The basic reality of God is plain enough. Open your eyes and there it is.”

2. Through Conscience – Some things are hard wired in us by God; we know they are always right or always wrong, no matter what anybody else says. Romans 2: “Some people naturally obey Gods commandments even though they don’t have the law. This proves that the conscious is like a law written in the human heart.”
We automatically know the right thing to do.

3. Through Consideration – Truth is knowable. You an test it. You can experiment with it. You can prove it.
You follow a road map and eventually you realize that the map is true. The bible is the map that we follow and eventually you realize it is true. You follow it an it takes you always where it says it will. Even if you don’t want to. God’s commandment teach us to do whats right. How do I know the bible is true? There is a world of object evidence. There have been original books of the bible dated FROM WHEN it was written. There are 5366 copies of the original bible! No other books have that many original copies.
So close to the time that the apposils (My horrendous spelling.. hope you understand what I’m on about:D) Β  were still alive. Still people are saying it can’t be true when it is proven to be the MOST accurate book.
People thought “No they couldn’t have horses back then!!” UNTIL they went there and guess what they found? Stables and horse equipment from that time. There is a lot of external evidence.
The bible says: Jesus was full of grace and truth. Truth IS Jesus Christ.

Through Christ – The bible says that Jesus was fill of grace and truth is not principle. Truth is a person. Truth is relational. Truth is Jesus Christ.
The Bible says, “Let everything you do reflect your love of the truth and the fact that you were in dead earnest about it” ( Titus 2:7, the living bible)

2.3 billion Christians are on the earth and it’s growing. He is who he says he is. Place your faith in him. Christ Jesus is the most important!

Believe it.
Do it.
Stand for it.

I have found my purpose in life
I have found my meaning in life
His name is Jesus!
You will NEVER lose your value to God! If you were the only one on the earth God would still have died for you on the cross. You are still as valuable in Gods eyes! It doesn’t matter what others say or thing. You may make mistakes but you are still loved!! That’s the truth what God has done for us. We should love each other.

Your special and valued don’t EVER forget it. He loves you.

– There you go:) The whole sermon in one blog post:)