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This morning I woke up bright and early at 5.00!! But lying in bed until 5.30 and then I was awake:) Usually I would sit in my bed and read but I realized that doesn’t work because I end up getting comfy and falling asleep again. So I have made a “Cosy Corner”(Lol!) for me. I began to read Hebrews with my tea, listening to music and having my journal, pens and Japanese book sprawled out next me. To make the early morning read not so boring I picture myself in the story. Standing by watching or even experiencing, it makes it so much more interesting. I’m one those people who will just stare into space thinking and realize 10 minuets later that I’m staring at someone but I get just so lost in my thoughts that that’s what I do so picturing myself does help. Here are the verses that I focused on:



This is what my morning looked like:



5th Year:
My 5th year choices have officially been made:) today I had a meeting with my guidance teacher so confirm them. This is what I am taking:
Higher German Int.2 English
Int.2 Art
Higher RMPS (Religious Studies)
Higher open learning Psychology
I am so excited! It sounds like fun:D I was going to take maths but since Int.1 maths is pretty useless and I hate maths then really I would be better of doing art instead.