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After a long read of I don’t know how many pages last night on http://www.textfugu.com I am finally ready to start learning Hiragana. I have an app on my phone with Kanji quizes on it.. and I am litrally addicted! 😀 You should probably learn Hiragana first. Which I am. But, at the same time Kanji. In between classes at school I just click onto it and do a quiz and am over-joyed when I get 100%. I really have to learn Hiragana now though. It looks really easy but there are A LOT of ‘letters’ to learn, but you’ve got to start somewhere right? I just think about how much fun it’s going to be being able to speak it to my friends and going to Japan :)! So now, I am waiting for an email and then I will go and learn! I will keep you up to date! I mean… imagine going here: