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This weekend I am going down again to see my brother 🙂 I am quit excited. Just like a mini holiday. The sad thing is, is that I will have homework to do while I am there. The good news is I can do more Japanese. I always wake up early and then go to Costa, which brings me great joy that I can find my way to town by myself 😀 So I will blog while I’m there 🙂

Today I had a music performance. On one of the songs I have to go from fret 3 to 7 which is quit a jump if your like me and only use 2 fingers for tab (guilty) yupp.. so I manged it while practicing but in the actual exam I didn’t get it but ahh well:) I tried! It’s sort of a hit and miss. I think it went well apart from that though 🙂 The best part… Getting a cream egg afterwards 😀