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Today I am going to tell you my dream:D 1. because I want to remember it 2. I like this dream:D 
So, my dream was that I went to Japan. I was meant to go for a skiing trip but I saw a place where Marcus had took a picture of and I said “ohh Marcus must be here”. I went out and found him 😀 Then as dreams do, it skipped to another part where there was a tsunami :O I survived though 😀 Then I was just walking with my friend Emma and I found my mum and she was just walking wherever and we went to her and told her that we should stay together (this links because she does just wonder of and day dream). Then it skipped to the last part of my dream and Peta had a baby 😀 It had black hair and was very cute. Then, my dream finished 😀 😀 

Secondly, to the origami. Today in Biology, my friend from Thailand made me this: 

Its origami stars with beads 🙂 She is SO sweet and always makes me stuff. I am going to make her something too 🙂 Today I asked her if she could make Origami birds.. and she can!!! She is going to make me one… I am SO happy, I’ve always wanted one 😀 She can’t speak much English but she is so lovely 🙂