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just pretend I wrote this yesterday (my phone wouldn't upload:/) 
This evening I was working on an English Essay. It was on "A Christmas Carol" it really got me thinking about the meaning of the story. I think on of them is poverty. In the novel Scrooge doesn't care about the poor, he just wants to be rich. In some ways,  I think we do that. We have a these gadgets. Phones, they are so normal for us and we almost take them for granted. Where as i'n some places one meal a day isn't even normal and we are buying all the knew stuff when people are dying. If I should or not that does make me feel guilty. While writing I was listening to a song called "nothings going to hold me back" focusing on the lyrics "my chains fell off my heart was free, I'm alive to live for you, I'm alive to live for you. Yea, nothings going to hold me back, nothings going hold me back, nothings going to hold me back". Love it!!

here are my 2 pictures of the day :)