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Phew!! I am so relieved that I have the French speaking test over and done with.
Although I wasn’t really worrying about it that much because the teacher is so nice that I don’t have to worry about getting anything wrong. Of course I worried when it came to it but it’s all over now and I am so relieved. I spent literally the whole weekend trying to memorize it. I had my ups and downs. For example when I had one part memorized, I forgot the other part haha! Now I just have to do my music exam but I’m not worried because the examiner is apparently REALLY nice and we get music so it’s fine:)

Today, my friend and I went to music to sing because her friends asked her to sing in their band because they needed a female so just for a song or two her and I are going to sing. I am all excited now but when it comes to singing in front of them then I will be nervous. But I guess it’s a bit of fun and I will be singing with my friend so it’s not so bad and it’s not in front of a whole crowd of people staring you in the eye. That’s nerve racking!

For now, I will leave you a Youtube link 🙂 This is my cousin and I in Norway at Christmas:)