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As I always say “The first day back is always the worst”. And it is.. but since we only had a week off it didn’t feel so strange going back. School was actually OK today. But, I did find out that we have to do our music practical in front of an examiner in about 2 weeks… which I didn’t even know. But it’s fine because it’s just what we played in front of the head of music so I already know the songs 🙂 Just a little re-cap I need.
School was also not so bad because I was thinking for the whole day about tomorrow. X Factor. I am SO excited!! It is in Aberdeen and I leave at lunch and come home to get changed and then go to my friend Emma’s house and then we will drive down. Pop in somewhere to get lunch and go to the Concert. I have never seen X Factor live so I am super excited. The not so good thing is that we will only get home around midnight and I am still going to school in the morning.. I normally go to bed at about 10 and wake up at 5.30/6.00 or if I am  tired then I sleep till 06.30 which isn’t much of a lie in but waking up early is good 🙂 I am trying my best to read my bible everyday. I have succeeded for the holidays and today and I am sure it will go well 🙂 I just finished Revelation and that for me is the most exciting book because it is what is going to happen(: Scary and exciting! I am also journaling everyday with my knew journal. I always journal but this is my favorite journal so far(:

I will take lots of pictures from X Factor and share them all with you! I was silly and left my camera in Norway so now I just have to use my phone but its OK because it has a flash and if it doesn’t work I will just have some of Emma’s.

Here are my 2 favorites: