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Today my mum took a while longer to get ready so my day started later than usual. Its 14.15 and I am at my dad’s.
I was just at CLC book shop to see if they have a journal.. And I found one 🙂 I go through journal sooo quickly and I haven’t had the chance to buy one so now I have another one. I also found a travel journal there so I will get that one after this one so I can journal my holidays. As always. My mum is just collecting some clothes for her knew job starting this week. I just skyped my friends who are in America right now. It was SO good to speak to them and I saw their room and outside 😀
Tonight my friend is staying at mine and I told her to bring all her “Friends” Dvd’s. “Friends” is SO good and it’s SO funny!! Or for me it is. I have 1 of their dvd’s and I have watched it soo much so I am excited to see some more. I will leave you with a picture on my knew Journal. I love just journaling about anything and everything. I have been doing it since I can remember 🙂 Here you go: