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I posted a few days ago and said that I was in Starbucks studying. Well I was in Starbucks but the studying didn’t go so well! So I am at the Aquadome in the cafe where is it nice and quit and this time I might actually get something done and then go to the gym. Maybe. My mum is again at where she is volunteering so we will come at about 12.00 and then we will go to Tesco and then I have to go to my dad’s to collect Avon from people. It’s ok because even if I don’t get so much done today I can just do it at the weekend. But there are only 2 more day’s left of the holidays 😦 And then it’s back to school but the good news is, is that at the end of March we have Easter holidays!! and then after the holidays we have a week of school and then I have a month of study leave… how good is that?!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚