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VlogBlog day 7 – Valentines Day

I am sitting on the floor in my room with a big mug of tea in front of the heater with my pajamas on and cosy socks after a wonderful day with friends. I spent my Valentines day with 2 of my best friends. We took a road trip down to Dundee at 7am.
I woke up at 5am but then I slept till 5.45am because obviously 5 was too early for me to get up when I went to bed at 11pm.
We left at around 7 and started our day listening to worship music. Surprisingly, with out getting lost we made our way to Dundee finding a sign that say’s “Earl Grey” as a street name which fits Peta amazingly well! And finding a car park that was almost Β£2 an hour… so resorted to one that was Β£8 for the day and left Becca to do the ticket and talk with a random man who clearly just had a casual conversation to a stranger which I thought was funny and left Becca to trek back to the car to put the ticket in. Our excuse was we were wearing pumps which is quit a good excuse I thought?

After leaving Peta to endure in her day of meetings we walked about 5 minuets to the nearest entrance of the shopping center and
found Starbucks where I drank a Caramel Machiatto and Becca a Caramel Hot Chocolate. Becca’s friend then joined us a short while after and
we started on our mission to find boots for Becca. We did find boots but she is extremely fussy so had to settle for New Look ones that she likes(: hopefully they will keep a bit longer than her ones where the heal is hanging off. After our shopping mission we found a bus to take us to Kayleighs house (Becca’s friend) where we drank tea, searched for phone cases (For ages!), tried to workout the new Scotrail website, ate heart shaped biscuits!!(: ohh and did I say drank tea? πŸ˜€ lots.

At about 2.45 we walked to the school to see 2 little girls who definitely were chatter boxes πŸ™‚ They were so happy to see Kayleigh and Becca and
it was so funny walking with them! Peta then phoned to let us know that she was in a Pancake place where there is free WiFi (Of course:D) After yet again finding a bus we headed of to town to find this Pancake Place. Once found, we drank tea their too. Which I have to admit wasn’t the nicest.. Kayleigh said “This is like NHS tea” so I guess that wasn’t good?:D
Dinner time came and we decided not to go somewhere where couples wouldn’t be sitting on eather side of us while we are hanging out with 4 girls πŸ˜€ So went to the Noodle Bar or Dr Noodles I think it’s called. That was yummy. Although, I still haven’t mastered the whole eating with Chopsticks thing. I tried my best but somehow I just can’t pick up the noodles. They just slide off when their not even close to my mouth. Eather that or they fly on to the floor with the chopsticks. Good times!

The car journey home was hilarious.. If you thought we are normal you have to come on a car journey with us and with in 5 minuets you will
be completely diss convinced. You don’t even want to know what came up in our conversations. But they were mad and funny!:D
All in all, I had such a lovely day… Last year, I got my braces on Valentines Day so this was definitely a step up! And what’s better than spending it with your sister best friends? Nothing! Thanks Peta and Becca for an amazing day!! πŸ™‚
My back is almost burning in front of this heater so I’ll stop blogging now πŸ˜€