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Last night I went to a prayer meeting to brighten up my day 😀 At first we sang a song and I couldn’t pronounce half the words, it was such a strange song and Peta said to me ” I love this one, it’s my favorite” I thought in my head “Lol!! What a funny friend I have.” We were praying for people who have had hard times and this resulting in them doing such sad things. And in my head came the song ” You alone can rescue, you alone can save, you alone can lift us from the grave. You came down to find us lead us out of death, you alone belongs the highest praise” I don’t know if that was the exact lyrics but that’s what I was singing haha. And that always happens to me. I get a song in my head that fit’s perfectly to the subject. I just wanted to share that with you 🙂 Have hope!