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This morning I went to the cinema with my friend from church. We went to see a film that I have forgotten what it’s called πŸ˜€ “give it a year” or something like that. Its a 15 anyway so it did have some quit inappropriate stuff in it but apart from that it was good. After the cinema we went to Starbucks and had a Caramel Machiato and talked(: My mum then came to pick me up and she wanted to go to some charity shops so I went with her and now I am at my dads. Tonight it “Woman Aglow”:) I like Woman Aglow. It’s where we meet up and have a meal together and chat and sing: ) it’s fun. And there is also a speaker there too. So that will take me to about 9.30pm ish… and then it’s home time and soon to bed. Tomorrow I am getting up early and going to the gym with Emma (same girl I went to the cinema with). The gym is really hard to keep at. I go for my friends. If it was just me then I probably wouldn’t be going a lot. But just as well they want to go because that keeps me motivated. I’m not really one for exercising. I eat and tun and let’s face it I am not healthy but I don’t seem to put on ANY weight at all… it’s great! so i am just trying to keep healthy by going to the gym πŸ™‚ and there’s free WiFi – Bonus!