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Today I woke up at 7.30 and read. At 8.00 I woke my mum up and we got ready to go to town. It was my friend’s birthday yesterday. She turned 17. wow! So, I had to buy her a present:) We went into town at about 10 and had a wee look round. In Primark I found a coat in the sale. For £10!! It was the last burgundy, size 6 coat left and it was just waiting for me on the rail!! 😀 (I will post a picture) So I HAD to buy it… I bought my friend a scarf with bows on it, the new nail ball things and a make-up bag with roses on them. We also went to H&M and I saw a blazer that I really want but that will have to wait. There is always going to be something that I want haha. We got back at about 12.00 and had lunch and now I am at my dads and it’s only 2pm and I have already done a lot. Ohh I love getting up early!! What a strange teenager I am! Very strange. Getting up early is much better because other wise I feel like I am wasting the day with sleep that I don’t actually need haha:)

I have no clue what the rest of the day will bring but just now I am relaxing 🙂 Image