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So today is sort of a half start of the holidays because it is Friday and I had school today.
But, now it is 18.40 and I am with 2 friends, working, eating sweets and tea and hanging out(: Fun!! 🙂
Today, I had school. The last day of school before holidays are always boring because I just want the holidays to
come faster. Much faster.
So as you can imagine school was quit boring. I had Maths (RUBBISH) then art, which is good(: Then Pe….
Ohh pe… Now, we were playing football. I will play anything BUT football and hockey. for one, I am SO scared of the ball.
Or if I thought I was scared, I’m even more scared of it now. The boy’s are soo rough… I got hit 4 times!! I nearly cried one of the times but I didn’t 😀
Once in the head, thigh, arm and ankle. Sad times!!
Then I had History where everyone moved seats and I was lonly because we moved seats and my friend wasn’t in today. Then I had S.e and English – which were
the only 2 good things because we watched a movie in S.e and I watched people doing their talks in English.

I walked home with my knew friend from France(: she is really nice. When I got home, I played guitar and painted my nails. And that brings me to know.
I have a tun of homework for History so I have to do that.. but first.. we had to do a toilet paper run! 😀 😀 Haha.. (:
That’s the hight of excitment for today.