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Now, the title sounds a bit strange right? Well, friends of mine are going to Florida for the holiday’s and I am so so exited for them 😀 Because I would love to go to America.  America is at the top of “my places to go” list. Haha. I suggested they vlog everyday but I don’t think that’s going to happen because they will be busy and having a great time(: If you don’t know what vlogging is, it’s when you video through out the day and put it on your blog or You tube. 
I thought that I might vlog. But, writing. Its quicker. So, I will write each day of the holidays of what I have been doing that day(: Personally, I love watching Vlogs, I think they are fun and I would Video Vlog if I was on holiday but I’m just in Scotland for the weeks holidays so I will write(: My so called “VlogBlog” will start on Saturday(: Hopefully, there will be some interesting stuff to VlogBlog about 😀 If not, sorry.

On a side note, you will be glad to know that my English talk went surprisingly well. I was the last one to do it that lesson. I started 2 minites before the bell and it was meant to be 3 minites. The bell went for everyone to go for break and I knew they would be mad if I talked for much longer so I hurried up and finished my talk. It went well. I think. The good thing about the bell going was now I didn’t have to answer any questions at the end of my talk. One person, interigates you. Fires questions that he knows himself so then if you get them wrong he says “No, actually…..” so I am glad I didn’t have to go through the interigation by him 😀 You see, you get a better grade if you ask people questions so that’s his plan probably. He’s nice but I don’t really want to be interigated by him haha. Now, for the next few English classes everyone else will be doing their talk. We got about 7/8 done today and there are about 30 pupils in the class so now I can sit back and relax. Finally. 

p.s Thanks Peta for praying for me ❤ 

pp.s sorry can’t spell interigated Lol!!