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On my phone I have a daily verse app.
Yesterday all day as I was worrying about the talk that I have on Tuesday, I came home and read my verse of the day.
I was sort of hoping that it would be something exiting, here is what it said:

“Be strong and courageous! Do not fear or tremble before them, for the Lord your God is the one who is going with you.
He will not fail you or abandon you!”

So even if that is written for a completely different purpose.. for me, it say’s that I shouldn’t worry because
God is going to be right next to me. And boy.. that’s good!! 2 brains are better than one:D
But, I did hope that there would be something good coming up on my “Verse Of The Day”.
I don’t know if it was just a coincidence and even so, it still encouraged me and reminded me that
God will help me when I’m scared.
When I do talks.. no one can understand a word I say because I talk so fast D:
This time, I hope it will go better and I will actually be able to look up and not have my face in the paper.
I know, your meant to have notes but I secretly don’t. Its probably better because then your not forced to read of the
page but I can’t… I get so nervous that I blank. So I need to have it written other wise I will just be standing silent đŸ˜›

I really hope it wasn’t a coincidence and that I will be reminded that God is standing with me while I do my talk.
I am such a cry baby.. I will cry on Monday night no doubt, getting all worked up and then on Tuesday after school
I will be jumping to the height of the sky with happiness that it’s all over.

I just hope it all goes well and I don’t forget what to say or just that NOTHING goes wrong and I am confident talking in front
of the class ( which will probably never happen) I mean, some people don’t get nervous at all.. I don’t understand them. I really don’t.
But please pray for me for Tuesday. If you know me well, you really know how nervous I get.
Hopefully it will be good(:
And yes… after all this babbling of me raving on about my talk and boring you with my worrying I will try and post
the power point on here and what I am going to write. So after all that, you can actually see what I wrote haha.