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My day’s at the moment are going to be very boring…
I have a cold today 😦 I get like ‘one day’ colds so when I get them, they are quit bad.
Today, I just went to school as normal but I had a head ache some of the time and I could hardly keep my eyes open :/ But, I got through it 🙂
After this post I have to hand out and collect Avon. I really can’t be bothered but its got to be done. Tomorrow, I have the Orthadontist 😦 😦 I get so nervous for the dentist and Orthadontist because I don’t know what they are going to do. Last time I went they said I don’t need my braces tightened but they can’t tighten it anyway because I have something attached to them from the Surgery. So, I am nervous. I also have the dentist next week. So All in all its not very good for me this week.

To the good stuff(:
I didn’t post last night because it got quit late by the time I got home from St Andrews and then I still needed to have a shower 😛
I had a really nice time experiencing the Student Social Life 😀
On Saturday morning while Timmy was not yet ready, I went to Costa and looked around the shops. I just wanted to explore. I already told you what I bought (I think) so I won’t bore you with that. Then we played games with his friends and had lunch and I read my book. Oh yea, and on Friday my brother and I watched Eat Pray Love. On Sunday, it was a bit more layed back. Timmy had to watch Maths lectures on his laptop :/ but, we did go to Starbucks for a late breakfast. That was nice. Peta and Becca came to pick me up at about 5.30? I don’t remember but then we said our goodbyes to my brother and headed home. the weather was sooo bad at some points where all you could see was snow flying toward the window. But, we did get home 😀 😀 eventually! 😀

Well, that’s my news for you. Have a good week!