Its 8.50am and I woke up 20 minutes ago. I set my alarm for 9 but I gladly woke up at 8.30. My brother thought it was strange that I set my alarm at a weekend but I like to get up earlier so I have the WHOLE day ahead of me. Instead of waking up at lunch time and not having the morning to enjoy.

So, as you can imagine my brother is still sleeping but, I am going to get ready soon and go out to explore. They have a Costa so I think I will go for a morning Costa, look around and maybe take some pictures. I am exited(:
I have never been around St Andrews by myself but that makes it more fun. I like to explore. And, its not that big so I am sure I will find my way.

By the time I get back maybe my brother will be up and we can go for lunch. Meals are SO good here.. I pay £3 a meal and its like a buffet. I can eat as much as I like(:
Then, I don’t know what we are doing. But in the evening we are going to the Noodle Bar. It’s so yummy (If you like noodles:D)
well well, I’m off for my exploring mission.