In English (class) we have been practicing writing and I have written 2 paragraphs on Setting and 1 on character. I wondered if any of you essay writing lovers, or anyone(: can help me with what I have wrote. To make it better or to cut stuff out:) So I will type it below and you can comment, if you like 😉


As I approached the beach, the first thing I noticed was the smell of food from the restaurant  near by. Very near by. As  was concentrated on the smell suddenly the texture beneath my feet changed. Changed from hard, spiky stones to soft golden sand. Harsh winds blew the green leaves from the palm trees which made it difficult for me to hear what was going on behind them. Steadfastly, I kept walking. I heard a booming noise which I felt beneath my feet. I walked toward the sound, stumbling over the shells. In the distance, I saw a very luxurious boat sailing through the sea with lots of people aboard.

setting no. 2

As the boat gradually maneuvered to the left, my eyes were filled with the sight of what looked like hundreds of dolphins splashing freely in the water. Anxiously  as I waited for the boat, I lowered my hand into the sea to feel the warmth. I watched the fish as they swam away. Then, I knew the boat was arriving. Suddenly, my heart started to pound. On this boat were the best surfers in the world and I am going to compete against them! Cautiously  I backed away, and decided to get ready for this competition. “Could I still win?” I thought to myself.


Worried, I walked out of the hut after getting changed. Thoughtfully, I looked down at my blue wet suit brushing my long, curly hair out of my face and started to walk toward the crowd. I could see everyone’s stunned faces because of how tall I am. For a girl! Silently, I stood next to the other competitors and waited for the judge to shout my name. 


Thank you:) Please help, if you can! 🙂