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Well, we’ve arrived:-) today we had a car journey. There was so much snow on the way. It’s white. It’s cold. It was scary at some points in the journey. Esspecially at the start. In the first 10 minuets there were already a couple of accedents. We prayed and God kept us safe. We had some such deep conversations. I love to talk. Just talk. Although, I never realised how much I liked to have deep conversations. After we prayed for safety a song came on saying the lyrics of “courage” which made me think that God was telling us to be brave and trust him:-) well, God did keep us safe:-):-) we even had a quick break. I had a Gingerbread Latte which they no longer have in the shops but they had some in that machine thing you get. So, I was so happy and had no second thoughts:-D

When we got to my brothers we unpacked and tried to figure out the wifi. Now, we are watching “Eat Pray Love” then its bed time.