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Finally finished “Face” By Benjamin Zephaniah..
I was trying to go slow so I would have something to read at school. but now, I am finished.

Its such a good book!! As you know these are always hard for me because I just have the erge to tell
you the whole story.. But I can’t do that..
But I will say that in a book I look for it to be “Spannend” That’s German for when you don’t you know
whats going to happen next. I’m not sure what the word is in English. This book deffinatly had that!
Or for me anyway.
It’s a very good story line. Its set back when they had Walkmans but that doesn’t stop me enjoying it.

The story, is set in a town and maybe a city and in this town are lots of different gangs. I know that sounds
quit scary, but it really isn’t. One group is called “The Gang Of Three”. They are the main Gang in the story.
They get themselves in to all kinds of Mishcheif. The 3 boy’s are best friends and one of them has a Girlfriend
named “Natille” I liked her to begin with but then coming towards the end I didn’t like her so much.

I deffinatly would recomend this book. One this that I personnally would like is it to be longer..
I could have read that book forever. I guess that’s a good thing though. But, now I want to
read “Refugee Boy” by the same Author – Benjamin Zephaniah. To see if I like it as much as “Face”.
“Face” is a really easy book to read. It doesn’t have loads of hard words and its not a very long book.
So, for a quick, easy, enjoyable and as I call it “Spannend” read, I would deffinatly try this book and
see if you like it 🙂


Now, I thought I’d just add this in here too..
I went to see Les Mis a few days ago. Its one of the most popular movies in the Cinema just now, I believe.
Its 5 stars and lets just say after the film everyone was clapping. Sooo, that must say something right?
It is a musical, so if you don’t like musicals then you probably won’t like it because there is A LOT of singing,..
Litrally every 2 sentances.. I found it quit annoying after a while but that didn’t stop me liking the movie because
it was such a good story. So, maybe you will still like it. Go and see it anyway… 🙂