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As I said, I would tell you what the going away gift was 🙂 Just as well i didn’t write it because he did read my blog… 
So, during that week we produced a scrapbook for him. A scrapbook from the last 4 years of his life. In the scrapbook there are pictures and a story through out it. On the other side, each person (or as many people as we could) wrote a letter to him. We then presented it to him last night. It’s really special 🙂 And I think it was such a good idea. Now, he can take it with him to Japan and whenever he likes he can look at it and remember the amazing times with youth group(: 

Today, at church, we also had a little going away thing for him. We gave him a cake with a big red dot in the middle, like the Japanese flag. Or at least I think it was that.. I couldn’t really see from where I was. But it was delicious anyway! We also prayed for him and his Japanese teacher prayed in Japanese for him and we took up a love offering.. which raised a lot.. so that should definitely help. 
These last day’s will be with his family and I am exited for him but I will miss him so so much. He is a great youth leader and always nice to everyone and no one makes me laugh as much as him 😀 
We are praying for you Marcus!!!