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And… I’m back(: Exams are over so now I have time!

The sad news is one of the Youth Leaders is leaving to go to Japan… 
He is going to serve God there and no doubt it will be an amazing experience for him! I think he is back in 1 year and then maybe he will live their forever.. 
He has been learning Japanese for a long while now and I think he is pretty good so that’s handy for going 😀 I have told my friend about him because she is also learning Japanese and she wants to speak Japanese to him. But then I told her that he is in his 20’s sooo that might just be a bit strange? haha. She is so jealous of him because she REALLY wants to live in Japan when she is older and is going for the first time when she is 18. She talks about it all the time and I can’t wait for her to go because she is so exited about it. She taught  herself Japanese and is REALLY good.. she also knows some Korean.. SO COOL! and is an amazing artist, I am so glad she came back from Australia 😀 

Anyway… so he is leaving 😦 It really won’t be the same without him at youth group.. he always makes me laugh and puts a smile on my face. I am so happy for him though! and, I can’t wait to hear all about it and see photos.

There is a leaving thing for him this Saturday night where we (the youth group) will present him with a going away gift. I just wrote a whole paragraph of what we have for him but maybe I shouldn’t write it here in case he see’s it.. He probably doesn’t read my blog but just in the odd case that he does I won’t post it because if he does then it will ruin the surprise. He doesn’t I don’t think. But, just in case!! I will tell you after Saturday(:
We will all miss him 😦 😦 

So, about the exams. They are all finished (WOOHOO) and so far I have only got one mark back, biology. I hope I will get them all back soon. I can tell you.. Maths was hard!! everyone thought so, so I must not be the only one(: I hope it didn’t do to awful, but I will find out soon 🙂