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Just now its so stressful with exams… I have exams until Thursday but I the ones tomorrow and on Wednesday will be fun for me 😀 I have a 3 hour art exam YEY!! and then German ones on Wednesday WOOHOO.. (what a weirdo) anyway, my mind is sort of filled of school stuff, if you know what I mean? I will post better once all the exams are finished.. There are 2 exiting events happening soon. One in January and one in February, so more will about that soon(:

Now, more art for me.. went out today to buy some canvases, paints and paintbrushes. Its my new hobby!(: As well as painting I am reading “Face” every night and soon I will be finished. Its so good!! I keep going on about it.. but if you read it, you’ll know.
I also have to practice music.. I have to learn 2 songs on keyboard with 2 hands, a beat and fills. I just have to add the fills and then I think that song will be done! 🙂 Then, its on to the next one. Stressful! 

That’s my little update for you all.. As I said, once my mind is clear from exams then exiting stuff shall come:) Thank you so much for reading my posts!