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This post is a bit more serious but also fun.
Tonight, an idea came up that we do a big event at a football stadium about Trafficking.
Trafficking is always a subject that interests me in “Religious Education” so I am up for it. 
Its an idea. We have to see how much it will be and everything but I will keep you up to date. Since we are Christians we have worship and workshops, like doing art,  and all sorts planned but Trafficking is the main thing. 

This Stadium can fit about 7,000 people in it.. so we are going to have to spread the word. Lots of people have had visions of this, so it must be what God wants to do. We need to pray for it. If God wants us to do it then it will happen! Its quite scary actually, but amazing! 
Anyway, that’s all I really know for now. I have a post that I wrote but I haven’t uploaded it. It’s on the subject of Trafficking. But, I don’t know if I want to upload it. Will get back to you on that one. Now, its 10.35 so I’m going to read and then I’m of to bed (:


P.s.. ohh forgot to mention.. I think (don’t quote me on this) that its focusing on Sex Trafficking? I think