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So as you all know today, we had an art day. Since I probably won’t be able to post tomorrow as I will be at my mums I thought I would do a few posts today. The last one was just pictures so 1 more post is coming up after this 😉 

Anyway, Today was amazing! it went so fast though 😦 We all arrived at 11, started our canvases and then while some of us were getting food my friend and I stayed and read our books, while of course keeping an eye on the dog. Which I have to say was very naughty today. He was always after the food, as dogs are. We ate and had a worship time – singing and doing art. And then, we watched 2 movies with Tea and then Pizza. The stock of tea has to always be high in that house, always. 
We also had a conversation about dating 😀 what we would and wouldn’t accept on a first date. Quite interesting actually.. other peoples views (:
So that took us to about 9.00 and then I came home. After my next post I might read a bit of my book (which I will give a review on when I’m done) and then go to bed.
Such a lovely day, can’t wait for more art days.. I never really paint.. I more like designing. In school, I can never do the drawing but when it comes to designing something.. I’m in. For example, we made a mask 🙂 I am happy with it 🙂 I now think I have a new found hobby. I never had the idea of putting scrapbook paper or words onto a canvas.. I always saw paintings an a portrait or something in spacific when actually, it’s just like scrapbooking. And I lovvveee scrapbooking. I guess this day has given me a knew view and idea.