I can’t wait for Saturday, we are having a girly art day. Its going to be SO good.
I have been putting together some ideas for my 2 canvases. You will see two of them above. They will be for my new room so I plan to do them colour co-ordinated to what I have planned.

This morning I was just going to go out the door at 08.10 to go to school when my mum said  “Do you want a lift to school?” Of course I replied “YES!!” 😀 On the bright side, I got to put together another idea for my canvas. I drew an Eiffel town and I am going to write next to it “Follow Your Dreams”.

Lately, I have been inspired to do more art. I have been drawing and scrapbooking more. I do that at my mum’s because I have a much nicer room to do it in. I know this may sound strange but I find it easier to do art or anything like that if I have a nice room, Is that weird? I don’t know.
Talking about my room, just now its ‘not my style’ I have to add ‘my touch’ to it. With white furniture and my new york poster and bed cover. Then it will be good. I am exited for that.

Its 16.15 now so I have to go and deliver Avon orders to people, fun! not really 😛
As Always,