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I’ll be honest with you.. I have no clue what to blog today… I haven’t had any brain waves. I  had exams ALL day today! And I’ll tell you, its not fun! I LOVED the writing exam for English because I enjoyed writing the story. I wrote a story about a Surfer. I had a mini panic attack at one point when I thought I only have 5 minutes left and wondering where the time had gone because I had only done 3 paragraphs but then I realized I still had an hour. Wow! What a relief that was 😀
I had 4 exams today. 3 English and 1 Biology. I am not sure how they went. I done a General English which was easy but then the Credit one was quit hard! I done Intermediate 1 Biology. Some of that was easy and some was hard. 
I have a cold so that didn’t help with concentration. 

Tomorrow, I have 2 History ones. General and Credit. That takes us all the way up to lunch and then after lunch I just have to go to normal classes. After I have ate my lunch I have to go to music before the end of lunch because I have to practice something. 

I have pretty much been relaxing from when I got home till now. So I better re-cap on some History before tomorrow. I hope in the History prelim there is something on slavery.. I talked to my brother about what we learned for 10-15 minutes straight and… that is good for me!! In a class talk I can barely talk 2 minutes about a subject. Probably because that is the topic I am interested in. 

Wish me luck for tomorrow,

p.s Hopefully tomorrow I will have something more interesting to blog about 😉