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Well… Back to school tomorrow.
I was going to do a more exiting post today but I think I will have to leave that for tomorrow.
I am not sure as to when I will have internet connection from now on but I hope to post when ever I can.
So please forgive me I don’t post as much as I have been.

I have had a 2 and a half week holiday, it has been great!
Going to Norway, seeing friends and the usual that you do in a holiday.
But now, school starts again. Its 21.50 so I have to go to bed after this post (need my beauty sleep haha)
And wake up bright and early (6.30) for a day of work 😦
I am really out of the swing of things. I am so used to getting up and having a nice day planned with friends
but that will change again now.

Starting THIS Tuesday I have exams. Yes, I have studied for them but I am worried about a few subjects.
Please pray for me (:
My exams finish on the 19th of January and then when the Easter holidays come I have so much time off.
I am not sure how it is exactly but we have Easter holidays and then I have 6 weeks study leave… how good is that?!
I am soo exited haha. And we only have to come in for our exams. Then, 2 weeks before the summer holidays we go back
to go into 5th year. 5th Year….. wow!! that sounds scary!

So, after a nice holiday its back to the usual. Early morning, day of work, homework, eating and sleeping.
Doesn’t sound to fun to me but I just think of the weekends 🙂
This weekend I am particularly exited about because we are having an art day with the girls :):)
Should be so so much fun!!

Have a great week!!