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I went to a church thing last night and they were talking about Baptism. Here are the notes I took, have a read if you like 😉
What baptism?
Baptism is a choice that YOU have to make! You have to make the decision that you will die for yourself and give your life to God and let him take care of your life, trust him.
Baptism makes you fire in all cylenders for God. You want to die to the old stuff.
When you get baptised you “click” it changes the way you perseave from then onwords.

We put a mask on.. Tell people your fine when inside your broken. Baptism takes that away,somehow. We just want to live for God.

Water Baptisim is bigggg for God. Its not a little thing. Jesus didn’t need to be baptised but he did. If you feel that your relationship is dull and boring that could be because you haven’t been baptised. If you make yourself unknown as a christian you will just go round like that.. Afraid to think your ‘uncool’ then you will stay like that.
Choose to die to the old and live to the new. You have to make that choice.
Baptism is part of the christian walk.
Acts 16
“Believe in the lord jesus christ give yourself up to him, take yourself out of your own keeping and trust yourself into his own keeping.”
God has called us to be baptised for a reason. Believe and be baptised. whatever jesus examples, we want to do.
If your swaying one way to the next – going for God one day and not the next, baptism actually takes that away. Baptism changes the way you view life and the people in it. You love people like God does. Whatever jesus says goes. Did Jesus tell us to get Baptised?
– Yes, so we should. He said if you love me, obey me.

Water baptism, helps you fire in all cylenders for God. You must be saved before you can have water baptism. It is to confirm and strengthen your commitment to Christ.
Make the desision to live for Christ.
He has a plan for your life.