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I have no clue which song this is from but it has been stuck in my head for ages and it won’t go out! I think the song is by Vicky Beeching. It goes something like this:

“Who ever does put the trust, put the trust in him will live forever…”

Isn’t that so amazing! If we trust God we live foreeevvveeer 😀
Well, I think so anyway. I don’t know why it is stuck in my head. Maybe, God is trying to tell me to trust him more or maybe its just catchy. I don’t know.
I must say.. I do need to trust God more.. I probably am just going my own way and not concentrating on what he wants me to do. He could well be talking to me through song?? I listen to so many songs and that “part” has especially stuck in my head. Interesting 😛