Good morning(:
I thought I would start today of with a review. I find these hard because I need to tell you about the film without giving anything away… so here goes.

Last night I went to see “Life Of Pi” with my youth group. I really loved it!! I watched the trailer 3 times that day and couldn’t wait. The film has a very good meaning, that anything could happen. Basically, it is about a family who own a zoo. But they have to move so they travel on a boat. Something happens to the boat and they all have to escape, one boy gets on a boat and finds that he is sharing it with a Tiger.. I can’t tell you any more .. you  have to go and see it for yourself. This film will leave you on the edge of your seat wondering what’s going to happen and crouched in your seat scared of what’s going to happen. It is an amazing story and I would recommend you go and see if you like it!
I found myself laughing and crying through this film.