Steady Heart by Steffany Gretzinger


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Steady Heart by Steffany Gretzinger (cover)

How long as it been? Almost a month. I am so sorry. As lame an excuse as it is, I have been really very busy with school. I think about blogging everyday but just don’t get around it. After realising how long it has been, I thought I should check in and say hi before I head off to Life Group in 15 mins. I covered a song from Steffany Gretzinger a little while ago and forgot to share it on my blog. I really love this song. I hope you do too.

A Girl Who Loves Music.


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I found this blog post and thought it was so sweet and so true. (even if it is super cheesy. But we have got to the point where we all know that I really don’t care if its cheesy ;) In fact, it makes me love it even more. )

A girl who loves music is a girl who sings. She can lift up your spirit whenever you
are in the lowest point of your life. She can sing for you while you both look at the gloomy
skies as it rains very hard. She can sing you a lullaby when you wake up at 2A.M. and can’t
go back to sleep. She can whisper a soothing hum close to your ears making your angry
heart calm down, driving all your disappointments, frustrations, anxieties, all your stress
and pressures away.

A girl who loves music is a girl who dances. Whenever things go wrong
unexpectedly, she’ll just dance with the rhythm and overcome her problems. She can be
jolly and silly sometimes, but these will just make her even prettier. She can dance
with you the whole night and wait until sunrise to watch the sun as it brightens up your
faces while the birds sing cheerfully your love story.

A girl who loves music is emotional. She reminisces your wonderful moments
together upon hearing her favorite songs. She cries every time you’re away while
listening to your love songs. She is compassionate towards other people for she can also feel
their sad melodies and can hear their agonies at every beat of their hearts.

A girl who loves music is a great listener. She pays attention to every word that
you say and remembers it all just like how she memorizes the lyrics of her 500 favorite
songs word by word in just one week. Every conversation with her is worthwhile. You don’t
need to worry if you can’t relate with her for she will always understand that people are
unique and have different attitudes, just like music that has myriad genres: rock, pop, etc.
It’s impossible to be bored while talking with her for every word that she’ll speak, she’ll add
a colorful tune, thus making even the nonsense words exciting to listen.

A girl who loves music is a poet. But she doesn’t need to speak to express her love.
Instead, you can already see her poetic devices written inside her cute and charming eyes,
the rhyme and meter you can observe in her mesmerizing smile. She may be very
paradoxical sometimes making her very hard to understand. You can never have an idea
what caused her to be angry at you but she will never let the day end without you hugging
each other again.


 Original – Date A Girl Who Loves Music

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13 (very) Random Things About Me.


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There are many random things about me that I thought would be fun to share with you all. I saw this on Instagram where someone wrote 10 random things about themselves. It was so funny to read because even though we try to be ‘cool’ and everything, there are some really weird and random things about each and every one of us that isn’t always easy to realize until we really think about it. As I started to jot down some ideas I realized that there are many more than 10 and many more than 13 things but as I said, sometimes its hard to realize. These are in no order what so ever,  I’m just kinda going for it… As random a number as 13 is, here are 13 random things about me: 

1. I love plane journeys but flying over water freaks me out. 
Lets just take a moment here. How many times have I been on a plane? I don’t even know but I am so so thankful for it all because I love to travel. I love planes. Like, love love love them but I get so scared going over water. Even though crashing on ground is worse, there’s something about drowning (above all other ways of dying) that really scares me. 

Well that was a bit depressing. Don’t worry it gets happier ;)

2. I think writing letters is still the way to go.
I love technology and Facebook and everything but receiving a letter is just the best. Someone spending time to write a letter is just the cutest thing and I love it. Plus, pen pals are just the coolest things…

3. I have many weird obsessions.
These include, flower and shell picking, the colour blue, tea, America and notebooks. I can’t really explain these to you.

4. I hate many things.
These include, fish, bacon and baths. Again, I can’t explain these to you.

5. To-do lists rock my world.
There is just something very satisfying about ticking off something that needs to be done. I like being organised. I don’t like not knowing whats happening and I really don’t like being late. I am one of those people who still have a paper diary instead of a calender on my phone ;) I never understood the whole phone calender thing.

6. Hugs make everything better.
No explanation needed.

7. Sunbathing really bores me.
I mean, lets face it, I will never get a tan. Its just hopeless, there’s no point in stressing myself out about it ;) Nah, I actually like having pale skin. I just can’t sunbathe for any length of time. I need to read a book or go swimming. Night time is for sleeping, there’s no need for it in the day;)

8. I love the smell of new carpets.
Don’t ask.

9. I love, love.
I just think it’s the most beautiful thing. Getting a tad cheesy here, I know. 

10. Painting my nails really stresses me out.
I have a problem….I don’t like not having my nails painted but I really detest painting them. 1. I can’t paint my nails, I’m not really very good at it. 2. I’m not patient enough to wait for it to dry. And knowing my luck, I always need the toilet straight after painting them so that’s always a bit of a dilemma. Its either, ruin your nails or painfully wait for them to dry. I often go for the ruin your nails option. The pain just isn’t worth it. 

11. I am extremely protective over my earphones.
I am a very sociable person. I’m always up for hanging out with friends and all that jazz but I can also be very unsociable. I like being alone and having my own space. And when I can’t be alone, music gives me my own space. If that even makes sense? I like to just block the world out sometimes. Plus, teenagers can really annoy me. I can’t survive a bus journey or a walk home from school (if I’m not with a friend) without music. It just doesn’t happen. My earphones are the one thing I don’t let people borrow because I don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t find them or if I lost them. Its a bit weird, but there ya go. Also, I don’t like the whole ‘lets listen to music together’ milarky either. I like hearing all the instruments not just half of them. Do you know what I mean? It just doesn’t sound as good with one earphone in. Anyway, enough about that ;)

12. I take everything everywhere.
You will very rarely see me without a bag of some sort. I always take a lot with me. I’m the kind of ‘go to girl’ if someone needs something. Tissues, inhalers, pens, make-up, paper, water and chewing gum are things people always need so someone has to be prepared. I always take a book with me everywhere as well. You never know when you’ll need something to do. I take my homework everywhere too… I rarely take my make-up because, honestly, applying it once is enough but other people might need it so… you get the idea ;) 

13. Cute things are just ‘my thing’.
I love everything cute. People often associate me with being cute because I just love cute clothes, cute photos, cute ornaments, cute animals, cute everything. In fact, just to prove my point, my friend just texted me saying that we should go and find cute things for her new home:’)

This will either have made you laugh or think that I am an extremely weird person (which I am, so that is totally OK with me :) ) Or both.



I Love What I’m Scared Of.


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I just came home. Drenched and cold. Do you ever have those days where you just need to go for a walk? yup.. well maybe when its nice weather. It was pouring but I still went. Jacket on, non-waterproof shoes on, headphones in and of I went. I knew where I was going. I was going to one of my favorite places, the garden. Many of you might know where it is but I don’t really tell many people. Many.. as in 1. The good thing about going for walks in the rain is that no one is around. Its peaceful. The sound of the rain is peaceful and my music makes me happy. I can sing aloud till my hearts content and that’s what I did. I just needed to think and have space to think and to pray. I had a little outburst at God this evening.. I said to him “God, do you know how much I want to go to IHOP Uni?! Can you not just show me what to do!” 

Your probably a tad confused at the moment? Well, IHOP is the International House Of Prayer in Kansas city, America. America!! They have a University which includes an Academy of Ministry, an Academy of Music and others. 

Academy of Music… where you don’t need to be a certain level to attend.. ‘FMA (Forerunner Music Academy) is geared to take the one who knows nothing to being able to be proficient in the instrument they choose.’ Perfect. More than perfect. They have such a heart for their students. To help people influence the world. Because we are more powerful than we think we are in Christ. 

You guys know how much I love music and how much I want to try my hardest to pursue music. Its the thing that scares me most. Getting up there and leading worship. I can’t harmonize to save my life so I prefer leading.. My friend once said to me ‘If God wasn’t with you, He wouldn’t give you the last bit of courage to get up there and do it.’ I worry and worry and then when I’m actually worshiping it is my favorite place in the whole world. Seriously. I love it more than I’m scared of it and I never want to leave. Its actually quite difficult to worship while you lead. That’s something I need to work on too and I really want to go to IHOP to learn, to discover and to grow in a country I never stop talking about. Like ever. 

I just don’t know.. I mean, maybe God does want me to pursue Music but maybe its not at IHOP. It would be awesome if it was but I am struggling to figure out what to do. I mean, Gods going to have to hurry up because if I do go to IHOP then I’ll need to start fundraising extremely soon. God always provides though so I shouldn’t worry about that. I just want to know whether its the right thing because ‘God doesn’t plant a desire in someones heart that he doesn’t plan to fulfill.’ Right?

I can’t remember all the encouraging things people have said to me.. but some are:

” You are going to influence the world.” (this one.. I was like, wow. I was really really young when someone told me this at church so that is just the gist of what she said to me. How am I going to influence the world? through music or something else?)

“I can tell your a musician. You sing everywhere.”

“You really blessed me with that song.”

“I can tell you have a real desire for it and your heart is in the right place for it.” 

And, I only have the guitar I have because the person that gave it to me felt that God wanted him to give it to me.. 

So, these are my prayers just now. Please pray for clarity and provision in the way God leads me. Thank you my lovelies. 

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Why I Love My Bestfriend ;)


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So this blog post is for my bestfriend/sister, Rachael. You probably know who she is by now but just in case, here we are :)


There are many more than 5 reasons but because its really late and I am one tired girl, I think 5 wonderful reasons is a good number ;) I can’t even remember how long Rachael and I have known each other. But we have been friends for a good 6 or 7 years so I thought this deserves a blog post :D I don’t even care how cheesy this will be.

1. She knows me inside out. 

Literally knows everything. She knows things like the exact amount of milk I like in my tea. Or which pieces of salad I like.. Or if something would be to spicy for me or how much pink is too much pink for me. All these little things that really, I’m pretty sure only she knows. To be honest, if one of us have a boyfriend, my advice would be to speak to the best friend. They know everything. Rachael and I have actually had these discussions. Rachael could tell you my perfect date or my perfect wedding dress. We’re getting detailed here… ;) She knows what do to cheer me up. She knows that making me a card will melt my heart much more than trying to take me out and cheer me up when I’m sad. The list is endless… I tell her absolutely everything. She pretty much knows an exact account of my life;) We know the good and the bad and we never judge each other. 

2. She is always there for me.

Rachael and I always cry together. Its good to have someone to cry with to be honest. We just know that we can phone each other day or night and if I randomly arrive at her door she’ll always be there for a good cry. Rachael has lived through everything with me and has never left but instead, walked with me. We often have lengthy heart to hearts. A lot of the time they are at 1am when we’re meant to be sleeping. She’s always been there and I don’t have a scooby what I’d do with out her. Honestly, I couldn’t live without my best friend ;) 

3. She is the sister I never had.

Sometimes, you just need a sister. Sisters can be very annoying. I’m not going to lie here, we can annoy each other. We have never actually had a full blown argument. We just frustrate each other sometimes. I’m sure Rachael will agree. We are actually quite different and it kinda clashes sometimes but we’re best friends. So… because we tell each other everything, we can’t not speak for more than a day because then we have to update each other on our lives every 5 seconds ;) Also, Rachael has the most precious parents. Her mum and dad are my second parents. They always make sure that I feel part of the family and I always try my best to make sure they know how much I appreciate it. Their love for each other amazes me and I love them with my whole heart and I seriously don’t know what I would do without them. Rachael, I know secretly you know how awesome your parents are ;)  but they are parents and your their teenage daughter and I am also one of those so I know how it is ;) 

4. I can be as weird as I want and not care.

We are both extremely strange people. Although at school I can come across as quite quiet if you don’t know me, your mind will be totally changed. I do actually love being quiet but I am very strange and loud and Rachael is too. We just don’t care when we’re hanging out. It makes life more fun I guess :) 

5. We have THE best inside jokes and code words.

Now… they are code words for a reason.. they are in fact extremely handy. So when we’re in public we don’t have to embarrass ourselves, but instead use these. (Pretty sure you know what I’m talking about Rach ;) ) Also, we have signals for when we see attractive guys. Lets remember we are teenagers ;) Its pretty normal, I’m sure. We even have code names for people. I’m not going to go in depth here but it is just the best having inside jokes. 

Rach! I love you and you are my favorite person in the whole world. I will always be here because you are my sister and your such a precious girly! See you soon :)

5 ways to be more confident

Originally posted on Flux and Flow:


This applies to everyone. I don’t care who you are, you could be Oprah or the Queen of England. Everyone needs a little help feeling confident every once in a while. I came across a list similar to this online and I fell in love with it, so I wanted to share it with you guys!

  1. Stop comparing yourself to others. Stay focused on yourself and your goals.
  2. Relax. Go with the flow and stop stressing over the little things.
  3. Love yourself. You’re a gift, you’re special, you matter. Nothing would be the same if you didn’t exist, so embrace your existence!
  4. Be positive and look for the good in every situation.
  5. Do what you love. Life is far too short to waste your time doing anything else.

Have a great day! Get out there, be your best you, and don’t let anyone tell you how to live your life…

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5th Year Exam Results!


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As promised… a blog post dedicated to my exam results ;) Before I get into it, I have a few stories to tell you about this morning. 

So I woke up at 8.30… waiting and wondering when it would arrive. The door rang and my mum answered to a Jehovah’s Witness. Not my exam results. I discovered this after I belted down the stairs “Is it my results? is it?!” No Lisa… bit embarrassing. Then Rachael and her mum waltzed into my home with a big letter… it was them. I didn’t realize they’d still go to her house. Maria, my mum, Rachael and I sat in the living room but I wouldn’t open it with them all there so I opened them with Rachael and these are my results.

German – A (YES!)
Art and Design – A 
English – B (WHAT THE FLIP!)
Modern Studies – C
Religious Moral and Philosophical Studies (RMPS) – C

I am SO SO happy with them! Yes… I am asking the same question as you.. how in the world did I get a B in English. 1. I failed the prelim. 2. I’ve been complaining about how bad I am at it for the WHOLE year. It appears that I’m not at bad as I thought but there may have been some lovely old generous ladies marking my exam which is also extremely beneficial on my part. 
As you know, I would have literally cried an ocean of tears if I didn’t get an A in German so I am SO over the moon with that! Also, I am so happy with Art…. I spent a lot of lunch times and week days after school working on my projects and making sure that the teacher and myself were happy with them so I am so glad that my work paid of! Also.. I was actually really surprised because for the theory (i.e memorizing essays and writing about painting and designs) I memorized most of it on the morning of the exam because one of the Art teachers had told me to change my essay! But I did not change it.. I just kept it to what I knew and it got me an A so it couldn’t have been wrong haha! ahhh I am so glad :) 

So, as you probably know, we can change/add or drop subjects if we want so I’ve had a few brain waves. Right now, for 6th year, my timetable looks a bit like this: Higher Modern Studies, Higher Music, N5/In.2 Maths and hopefully Advanced Higher German (if the head of languages can convince Edinburgh college to let me do it open learning because we don’t have the supplies). So I have been thinking that I might drop Maths and take Higher English instead… and swap Higher Modern Studies for Higher Art. What are your thoughts? I was actually really sad about not being able to take Art and I’m clearly better at Art than Modern Studies so it makes sense, right? Plus, I’ve tried Maths again and its just really not how my brain is wired. So, I only dropped English because I failed the prelim and thought I was REALLY bad at it.. so yea, those are my thoughts. 

Thank you all for your prayers! And I hope that everyone got the results that they wanted and better! And if not, there is always next year!! :) Thank you Jesus! :) 

You’re Beautiful Cover and School Rantings.


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You always know when I have a tun of homework and don’t particularly feel in the mood to do it because I procrastinate a lot. I play guitar and it makes me feel productive and like I’ve spent my day actually doing something. So this song is the result of yesterday procrastination;)

However, tomorrow its back to business. Like, I’m not even joking when I say I have an absolute tun of homework… I have to read a German book and write a paragraph for each chapter, Practice 2 songs on guitar (which we’re recording when we get back… and I can’t play it all yet….), work out chords for 2 songs (and man… its like 20 chords for each piece!), practice 1 song for voice (which we’re also recording when we get back..), finish my theory listening workbook and do maths homework. You see, I’m not exaggerating. I keep going on about it because I’m actually seriously stressed out and nervous about it and this is where I can just get it out of my system haha!

I have been playing and recording so much music lately because it really relaxes me. Or, it feels like a lot. More than I normally record anyway. I wish Highers were as easy as Standard Grades… I passed them with flying colours (apart from Maths obviously ;) ) but Highers are not easy for me. The thing is, I actually really love school… I don’t want it to be nerve racking all the time. The thing about me though, is that I get stressed out so easily and nervous so easily. I don’t even know why but its so annoying because I really really want to enjoy my last year of school :) On that happy note, I should probably go to sleep! Its 10.15pm and my eyes are barely staying open. I hope you enjoy my cover. I think its one of my favorites so far :) Thank you so so much for all of your encouragements. Keep smiling!


School Supplies!


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I don’t know about you… but I actually really love buying school supplies. Especially when I get to buy a new backpack (you will understand my excitement when you see the picture.)
Yesterday and today, I have stalking up on the essentials for school. I realize that my pack of pens will probably last me a week before I loose them all or give them all away (I always fall for the “I’ll give you it back at the end of class.” ;) ) but here are some things I bought :) 

First of all, these are THE best notebooks in the entire world! Better than Pukka Pad or NU or any others they have in super markets. Seriously, go with this one. Their half price in Tesco just now so… I bought two. They have new colors as well which just makes me smile ;) I am a bit obsessed with notebooks. These just have such smooth thick paper. I wouldn’t pick any others for school over these so take my word for it ;) 


10576830_669273699834271_217604670_n 10585441_669273449834296_733458964_n 10588627_669273736500934_2003453472_n



The best is yet to come….. prepare yourself.





Look at it! Its so beautiful…. 
Anyway, so those are my school supplies. 
4 days until exam results and I am SO nervous! 




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