Challenging Myself.


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It feels strange, being in my last year of high school. I remember when my brother was in sixth year. I thought he was so old and much like an adult. I don’t feel old.. in fact, because of my height, I feel like I could pass as I first year. Last week, I was buddying for the Primary sevens that are coming to secondary school after the summer and I kid you not, many of them were taller than me. I mean, it is slightly worrying but at the same time I do actually love being small. I just had to laugh because I doubt they realized that I’m actually a sixth year. Anyway, this is my last year of school so I wanted to challenge myself a bit.

This year I chose Higher Modern Studies (because I’m so bad at English so I need some literacy subjects) Intermediate 2 maths (bad idea!), Advanced Higher German (Currently trying to convince Edinburgh College to make an acceptation and let me do open learning because apparently our school don’t have the syllabus for this level) and Higher Music. Maths is just not my thing. I mean really… I am literally incapable. But I’m trying. I will stay at least until I receive my exam results because if I didn’t get a good grade in Higher RMPS then I will re-take that and drop Maths. Anyway, Music. I have missed a year of music and therefore I’m pretty out of practice with the theory side of things so this alone is a challenge for me. However, my music teacher is so so patient and does anything he can to help me. On top of this, I chose acoustic guitar and voice as my two instruments. Acoustic guitar? no problemo. Voice? totally out of my comfort zone. I mean 1, this means singing solo infront of people. 2, this means singing without my guitar. 3, this means being tested on my vocal range. As you can imagine, voice is really testing my confidence. Which I don’t have a lot of, to be honest. But this is part of the reason I chose voice. All I want to do is be able to sing without shaking like a leaf. Its actually extremely annoying and I really want to have more confidence because music is something that I love.

My friend is helping me in music because he is also doing voice and plays piano so we don’t need the teacher all of the time. However, yesterday I went into my own practice room and practiced ‘ A Change In Me’ which is from Beauty and The Beast. My teacher gave me the CD so I could practice and it was going really well singing with no one there. Then my friend came in and asked ‘Are you winning?’ and I replied ‘I am actually’… bad idea.. this meant he wanted to hear it. I always sang really quietly so both the teacher and my friend could barely hear me but yesterday I just had to try harder. I asked him to stand where I couldn’t see him so I would be less nervous. But I sang. And I sang louder and it was so nerve racking. I could hit the high notes but I stopped because I was scared I’d mess up but it was ok,he helped me because he knew I could do them.But that was enough for one day. The thing is, I will get more confident and eventually I’ll be able to sing it all with people watching but that was quite an achievement for one day to be honest haha! I’m just trying to challenge myself and praying that I’ll get more confident because music is something that I love.

above, I linked ‘A Change In Me’ so if your interested you can listen to the song I’m practicing :) But I realized that I think the version I’m doing at school is bit higher so its actually easier to sing with this video. Maybe I’ll ask if I can sing in a little bit of a lower key. Failing that, I can cope with the higher notes if I have to haha!

Getting past your heartbreak hill

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not giving up, running the good raceSometimes I wonder…

What would have happened if Mother Theresa gave up helping abandoned little children because she felt powerless to help all the orphans in the world?

What would have happened if Paul gave up preaching because he was thrown into prison, beaten, and spoken against more times than he could count?

What would have happened if Martin Luther Jr. gave up because of the prejudice and hate he faced every day because he chose to stand up and fight for his rights?

What would have happened if Hannah gave up praying for a child because she couldn’t bear the ridicule of her husband’s other wife and the pain in her heart any longer?

What would have happened if Joseph gave up on every fulfilling his dream and stopped trusting God during his years in the dungeon?

What about if you give up when you are faced with yet…

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Keeping Score.


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There are so many songs out there, so many different types of songs. Your almost guaranteed to find one that fits how. Your feeling. You know when you just find a song that is so on point with how your feeling? I do.


You Have Won Me – Cover


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Here is a cover of You Have Won Me by Bethel. I spent my free period in the music department at school practicing. I really love to go there to relax. At home there is always someone in the house. I like having my own space where I can just play and sing. However, I recorded this when I came home. I know the quality isn’t good and my face looks like a beetroot because it was literally 26 degrees today which is quite warm for Scotland.
Anyway, hope you enjoy!

Orkney Adventures


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It feels like a ridiculous amount of time since I have blogged. The reason for this is because I was in Orkney and I also had my first week of sixth year last week. However, before I forget, I should share some photos from Orkney with you all. 




I had such an amazing time in Orkney! As well as visiting many historical sites we also had activities which weren’t related to History. There were 7 seniors and we were each assigned around 4 children. We were their team leaders for the week so we could help them and guide them. It was a lot of fun! However, I don’t think I have caught up on sleep yet. We stayed up late talking with the teachers and playing card games and going on Tesco runs at 11pm for breakfast… we were actually so helpful ;) I really hope I have the opportunity to go again next year! 

School Update: Exams, Exams and More Exams.


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The title literally says it all. Since the end of April I have been having exams. I did have a two week break in between but I am finishing off my last exams as I write this. Yesterday, was RMPS (Religious, Moral and Philosophcal Studies) I always think that the full title sounds so posh! I’m really not sure how it went. Apart from German, it was my other Higher so it wasn’t easy. I think I over reacted of how hard I thought it was in the exam. I panicked because the questions were worded strangely. For example, the Scientific Method was called the Scientific enquiry in the exam or Historic Creationists were called Literalists in the exam. They were hard on us with the ten markers as well.. they always do that! But I just hope I get at least a C. I did want a B but I think that depended on the type of questions. The problem is, I haven’t heard back from Travel and Tourism yet so if I did get an offer it would be conditional. That means that I need a certain grade in my Higher exams to be accepted. That’s why I was panicking so much because if I didn’t get at least a C then there is no chance of me going to College this year which really sucks. I’m not sure if I wrote on here but I did get accepted for Advanced Higher German, woohoo! The website says that they take up to 6 weeks to reply and its almost been 7 weeks so I am hoping they will get back to me any day now. I really want to go! 

So my last exam is on Friday and thats Art. I know what your thinking, ah Art that should be easy, just paint a picture. 1. we no longer ‘just paint pictures’ we design extravagant neck pieces and put together a folio of art using different techniques, paints, pencil, samples and 2. we have already done that. Its the theory on Friday. I am currently memorizing two essays for it and as long as I am confident with those then I won’t be nervous. Please pray that I remember it all! :)

Now to the more exciting events of my life. After my Art exam, I still have 1 week of study leave so I am going on a History trip to Orkney with my school as a senior helper. There are about 7 senior helpers this year. Normally its about 2. I am so excited though! We just had a final meeting today and basically, we are going to visit loads of cultural places in Orkney and just look after the kids a bit. There are 4 other girls from my year that are going too so it should be a lot of fun. I went when I was in third year and I thought that it was something adventurous and I really enjoyed it so I am going back. If I don’t have wifi while I’m there I will see if I get 3G to keep you up to date on my travels (as always). I love to write about what I am doing each day. 


This is the itinerary for the week: 

Tuesday – Tomb of eagles, Scapa Flow, Chuchill Barriers, WWII Emplacements, Brough of Deerness, Mull Head.
Wednesday – Cuween Cairn, Maes Howe, Stones of Stenness, Ring of Brodgar, Ness Battery WWII Emplacements
Thursday – Brough of Birsay, Skara Brae, St Magnus Cathedral, Kirkwall (i.e shopping ;) ), BBQ
Friday – Italian chapel, Fossil Museum, Ferry 

So thats quit a lot! If I’m being honest, I don’t know what a lot of these places are but I am excited to explore! 
I have been to some of them before but the majority of them will be new to me. I actually especially loved to Fossil Museum when we went in third year. It was so colorful and pretty so I’m glad we are going back :) 

I hope you are all having fab weeks!


p.s If you have any music cover requests, just comment and I will check them out :) 


Build Your Kingdom Here by Rend Collective Experiment (Cover)


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Hey everyone,
here is a cover of Build Your Kingdom here. I have recently really been loving this song. You can read the description on Youtube for more information but I hope you enjoy it :)

Have a lovely morning/afternoon/evening :D
Love you all!


Learn To Live The Life God Has Called You To.


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I listened to this sermon by Nick Vijicic this morning and its definitely worth a watch :) I am sure many have you have heard of him but if not then the sermon gives a brief introduction video which tells you an over view of his testimony.

I thought that it had a lot of encouraging and useful information so I took notes and I’ll share them with you :)



I’ve never noticed that, have you?
The definition of faith is complete trust and confidence in something. If you have this, no matter where you are right now, God will come into your life if you let him.

You know, we just have to get over ourselves. We come up with a plan and God is just like ‘nope, I have something better.’ Because if we have Jesus, we have everything.

However, its like a phone call. God phones but we can choose whether to answer or just ignore it. Maybe you feel that God isn’t answering the phone. The thing is, we should not hang up on God because he is still listening.

There are many things in this world that are good. Relationships are good but if we aren’t happy with Jesus while we are single then we won’t be happy with Jesus when we are married.

We need Jesus and we need to run the right race.

In a race when the horn sounds we don’t just stop and chat with our friends… no.. we belt it to the finish line and do whatever we can to get there because we want to win. It isn’t about being first, but if we finish the race, God can say: ‘Well done, my good and faithful servant.’
Imagine Jesus said that to you?! Things of this world, drugs, sex, fame, fortune, will all fade away. You can’t bring your money, your car or your home to Heaven. You can bring other people. ‘When you don’t get a miracle, you can be a miracle.’

Every morning, we should put the armor of God on so that the next 24 hours will be under the wing of Jesus. There IS a purpose, there IS a race. Get in the right race.

There are many reasons why some may choose not to believe in Jesus. It could be because of suffering or because they don’t believe that God can really love you that much. An example, loving parents love you even before your born, right? That is because your theirs. YOU are Jesus’s child, so he loves you.

This is such an amazing example of healing. Nick went to the Red Light District (in a country I can’t remember) there was a place where woman would be sold for sex trafficking, for slavery, for torture. One girl was paralyzed. She hadn’t walked out for 4 years and in those past 2 weeks she was dying. On the wall next to her were the Gods that she prayed to. Nick came in and through a translator, started preaching the gospel and the paralyzed Girls sister walked in and ordered them to stop. However, he managed to be allowed to pray for the girl. They prayed and they prayed. This was God being tested, not Nick. The girl said something like ‘Prove to me that your God is real.’ so Nick and his friend prayed and after a little while of prayer, the girl went from excruciating pain to jumping around the room. I kid you not. Seriously, amazing right? The interesting this was, that girl, the paralyzed girl, was the one who recruited the kid nappers and the sex traffickers, it was her job to make money in this way. After her experience, she realized that Jesus is alive and that He healed her.

With Gods grace and mercy, we can run the right race. Let him give you the sight that he sees for the day.


Skinny Love by Birdy – Acoustic Cover.


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Thank you so much for watching! Don’t forget to check out my Youtube channel and subscribe if you like :)

Date a Girl Who Travels.


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I found this blog post after reading a post by a girl I follow. She re-posted ‘Date a Girl Who Writes’ (  ) Soon after, I found this blog post, Date a Girl who Travels (  ) and just added some of my own pictures :) 

I fell in love with the way it is written and how true it is. Have a read yourself.

“Date a girl who travels. Date a girl who would rather save up for out of town trips or day trips than buy new shoes or clothes. She may not look like a fashion plate, but behind that tanned and freckled face from all the days out in the sun, lies a mind than can take you places and an open heart that will take your for what you are, not for what you can be.


Date a girl who travels. You’ll recognize her by the backpack she always carries. She won’t be carrying a dainty handbag, where will she put her travel journal, her pens and the LED flashlight that’s always attached to her bag’s zipper? In a small purse, how can she bring the small coil of travel string, the wet tissues, the box of cracker, and the bottle of water she’s always ready with, just in case something happens and she can’t go home yet.


Yes, a girl who travels knows that anytime, anything can happen and she just has to be prepared with it. Nothing takes her by surprise, she takes everything with equanimity, knowing that such things are always a part of life. She’s reliable and dependable, traits that she’s learned while on the road.

You’ll also recognize a girl who travels by the fact that she’s always amazed at the world around her, no matter if she’s in her hometown or in a place that’s totally new. She sees beauty all around her, not just the ones featured in travel guides or shown in postcards. A girl who travels has developed a deeper appreciation for life. She won’t judge you, or pressure you to do things you don’t want to do. She knows too much about the importance of identity and self-efficacy, and she will appreciate all the more if you won’t pretend to be who you’re not.

You can make mistakes with a girl who travels, and you can also be as idiosyncratic as you can be. Trust me, she has seen so much worse in her travels, and knows firsthand the vagaries of human nature.

Date a girl who travels, because when you’re with her, you’ll realize that even though she’s napped at a temple in Angkor Wat, went boating down the Mekong Delta, ran by the streets of Saigon, or went skinny-dipping in the caves in the Philippines, she still retains that humility that is the mark of a real traveler. She knows she’s been to a lot of places, but she’s humbled by the fact that the world is still a big places and she’s only seen a small part of it. Seeing this in her can make you feel all right with yourself too; there’s no need for you to do more, to be more. What you are is enough.


When you meet a girl who travels, ask her where she’s been and what she’s going to do next. She will appreciate your interest, and if you’re lucky, she may even invite you to join her. When she does, do. Nothing bonds people better than traveling. On your trip, you will both see each other’s best and worst characteristics, and you can then decide whether she’s worth fighting for.

It’s easy enough to date a girl who travels. She won’t want expensive gifts, you can buy her (or both of you) cheap ticket to Thailand for the weekend, and she’ll be more than happy to take you to the longest wooden bridge in the country. You don’t even have to go overseas, you can take her out on day trips, caving or hiking, or treat her to a full body massage.

You can also buy her the little things that she keeps forgetting to buy for herself; that carbine that will attach her backpack to her seat so that she will feel easier about sleeping on her bus trip, or a backpack cover, a small alarm clock, a money belt, or many another sarong that will replace the one she lost in China.


She won’t mind if you get lost on your way to a date. She knows that often times, the journey is more important than the destination. She will help you see the lighter side of things. She’ll walk along with you, not behind you, pointing out the interesting bits of things you’ll see on the way. Before long, you’ll realize that yes, the journey has been more memorable than the destination that you’ve planned to take her to.


Is a girl who travels worth it? Yes, she is. So when you find her, keep her. Don’t lose her with your insecurities and doubts. Because when she says she loves you, she really does. After all, she’s seen so many things, met so many people, and if she has chosen you, better grab that opportunity and thank the gods that you were lucky enough she’s chosen you and not that bloke she met while watching the sunrise in Angkor Wat, or while whitewater rafting in the Padas Gorge in Sabah.

If she says she loves you, she must have seen something in you, something that can always call her back from her travels, something that can anchor her to the world in the way that she wants to after weeks and months of being on the road.

Date a girl who travels. Make her feel safe, warm and secure. Make her believe that no matter where she goes, and however long she’s gone, you’ll always be there for her, the one that she can call home.

Find a girl who travels. Date her, love her. and marry her, and your world will never be the same again.”

Written by Aleah Taboclaon.




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