Future Plans and Personal Statements(:


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The last time I spoke to some of you guys about ‘future plans’ I probably told you that I plan on staying for sixth year. There has been a change in plan. Don’t worry, I’m not flunking school or anything… I’ve applied for some courses at colleges that would allow me entry into the second year of University… if I complete them with the needed grades. I have applied for Social Sciences at Glasgow Clyde College and Travel and Tourism and Advanced Higher German at Edinburgh College. During the research process, some of my friends and I have been praying. However, if it’s not right then I’ll probably just not get accepted and I will do my sixth year at school but I am so excited In case I do get accepted. Most of my time has been spent writing these three personal statements so I hope either my Travel and Tourism and Advanced German or Social Studies statements will be enough. So yea, I just thought I’d let you guys know. I also spoke to my guidance teacher about it and she thought that it would be more beneficial for me and I am sensible and ready for the next step. I would really appreciate your prayers. I have just submitted the applications today so it may take a little while for them to reply but I will update you when they do. Thank you for praying for me!(:

You can stop reading now but if your interested in reading my personal statements or maybe you need some ideas for your own then keep reading :)

So I had to write three personal statements. The first one, Travel and Tourism, took the longest because my brother was helping me with corrections and he’s a perfectionist.. I’m not complaining! Its probably better than my other ones because I just wrote them by myself and my mum helped me a little :) So Travel and Tourism:

‘Your family lives all over the world’ is not something every child gets to hear. Every year there would be new places to visit, new people to meet, new countries to see. I first realized I had an interest in Travel and Tourism when I began to discover more about the countries I would be visiting. I became fascinated by the vast variety of languages, tourist destinations and stunning scenery. 

This industry interests me because I enjoy learning about different cultures and tourist destinations. Since I was a child I have toured around Europe and other parts of the world. This founded my passion for languages and culture. I have also been taught German from a young age and studied it at school to SQA Higher level. Because of the enjoyment and challenge I experienced, I am eager to further my knowledge in the language. 

From spending time with family in Germany, I have personal experience of that country’s way of life. Through this I am able to appreciate the wonderful contrast in cultures. The city of Edinburgh is therefore an ideal study setting for this field and living in the heart of this historic city would enable me to familiarize myself with the issues relevant to international Travel and Tourism. 

Outwith studying, my interest continues. Attending youth group and church has allowed me to meet numerous people from many backgrounds which has strengthened my interest in the subject. Committing to learning to play the guitar has inspired me to explore music from many cultures. I also enjoy reading books, magazines and newspapers. These can provide knowledge of various cultures, industries and world events. Work experience at Munlochy Animal Aid and Avon has taught me about cooperation with others; these have increased my confidence and my sense of responsibility. 

I am passionate and enthusiastic about places and people. I have good social skills and I am disciplined and organized, striving to fulfill my potential in all areas of my life.

Next, Advanced Higher German:

German has always been a focus in my life. Because both of my parents and other family members are German, I was taught the language from a young age. As I grew older, I wanted to become fluent. The more I practiced, the more I wanted to learn.

However, I first realized that I had a passion for German after an exchange trip to Berlin where a completely different dialect from my family’s one is spoken. I thought it was fascinating that there were different ways of speaking the same language. During this experience, I became friends with a girl from Berlin. She has been my pen pal since then and we exchange letters and emails regularly. Writing in English and German allows us both to practice our conversation skills and learn new phrases. As well as this, spending time with family in Germany has given me personal experience of this country’s way of life. 

I studied German at school to SQA Higher level. Because of the challenge it brings, I am eager to further my knowledge in the language. Outwith studying, my dedication to Germany and its language continues. By reading German magazines, I have deepened my understanding of grammar. I am determined to accomplish my potential in this subject. Recently, I helped out with a German Day at my school where many pupils had the opportunity to discover more about the culture and basic knowledge of the language. It was an enjoyable and rewarding time for me as it encouraged the pupils to learn about the culture and basic knowledge of the language in a relaxed atmosphere. Moreover, I learned a lot about working with others; this has increased my confidence and my sense of responsibility. 

Germany’s culture has also inspired me to pursue the study of German. With a great interest in travel, culture is something that I am intrigued by. I am passionate and enthusiastic about places and people. I have good social skills and I am disciplined and organized, striving to fulfill my potential in all areas of my life.

And last by not least, Social Sciences:

There are so many unanswered questions in the world we live in. Why are people being discriminated? What makes
people react in the way they do? These are questions I have been asking myself during the time in which I am studying
Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies and Modern Studies. These subjects allow me to be challenged by the issues
prevalent in the society we live in today. 

My interest in the workings of society revolve around the people I spend time with regularly. I am particularly interested
in the ways people recover from difficult situations. By attending youth group and church I have met different types of
people who have been through various incidents in their lives through which they may have felt excluded or confused.
Youth group has taught me a lot about cooperation with others, responsibility and equal opportunities.

I am also intrigued by the way people react to their surroundings and, in particular, the reasons why people commit
crimes. This is a part of the Higher course I am doing in Religious Studies. I am intrigued by the questions raised by
philosophers about the problems people are and have been faced with both in History and at the present time. In Modern Studies,
we spend time exploring the issues pertaining to Health and Wealth in the United Kingdom. We covered topics such as,
poverty, health inequalities and why they are caused. This enabled me to have a deeper understanding of inequalities that are present in my own environment.

I also feel that foreign languages help me to understand different societies and communities. From a young age I have
been learning German and spent a lot of time visiting family and friends there. This has helped me to understand and
appreciate that country’s way of life. I have realized that being able to speak German has enabled me to communicate
with a  range of people that are from a culture other than my own. 

I am passionate and enthusiastic about places and people. I have good social skills and I am disciplined and organized,
 striving to fulfill my potential in all areas of my life. 

If there are any mistakes please don’t tell me haha!! Because I can’t change them:P
But hopefully that gave you an idea of why I have applied for those particular courses and if you need ideas, hopefully that gave you some :)

Catching the Beauty of Inverness at its Best.


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Inverness is actually beautiful. Sometimes you don’t realize it when you spend most of your life in school but it actually is. Its the Easter holidays just now and the passed two evenings I have spent going for an evening walk with some of my favorite girls in the whole world. 

Last night, Rachael and I headed up to a part of the city where we always went when I lived with her family and we just needed to talk. You know, some things are just better talked about outside when its just her and I. Rachael is my best friend and we tell each other absolutely everything. It is strange to think that someone knows you so unbelievably well, maybe even better than you know yourself. En route to the top of the hill we talked, we laughed, we ate chocolate and we were just being us. No one is around and so we are crazy people. We were even walking up the hill dancing the Hannah Montana song. You know which one I’m talking about..  yep. So many Vine opportunities ;) Sometimes it in nice to be the strange girls that we are as well as taking some selfies:





Tonight, we also went for a walk along the canal. It was also beautiful!



I am so thankful for friends. You have no idea :)

Not So Picture Perfect Days.


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This week has possibly been the most stressful week in a while. Deadline week. It even sounds intimidating. This week I had deadlines for my English folio, a German Exam, RMPS Nab and Art deadline. Art was by far the most stressful. We had to have everything mounted and complete. I mean, expressive folio was pretty but sorted but also design which is 2 neck pieces, investigation sheet and development sheet. It doesn’t sound like a lot but it really is. There is a lot of work put into all of this and the neck pieces obviously take months to complete. At the beginning of this week I hadn’t finished my second design, I hadn’t mounted my investigation sheet or even started on my development. The things I can do in a week astounds me. Seriously, I doubt anyone wanted to be around me in school this week apart from Alannah who can put up with me. I was a nervous wreck and I almost fainted in Art because I was stressing so much. I’m really not that dramatic… but I do get nervous really easily especially when the teacher is also stressed out. Anyway, this week is over and I will show you all of my design work. I spent most lunch times and after schools in art determined to finish everything and as long as everything is right, this is my design work:

I hadn’t actually cut this out yet when I took the picture but just imagine it is:P

(2nd Piece)


(First piece) 




(Investigation Sheet) 


(Development Sheet) 


Craft Fayre and KFC.


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Today was one of those days. The really busy kind. In fact, its one of those weekends where I have hardly any spare time. I like it like that though.. its fun. This morning I woke up bright and early at around 7.30. We have settled the fact that I am an utterly strange teenager who gets up early on the weekend? good. So, at 9.30 I LONGBOARDED to the bus stop. YES! My longboard came.. I used to use my friends that’s why I hadn’t bought one of my own but to be honest, long boarded in a main aspect of the Summer months for me. Its my main source of travel ;) It is so much fun though… If you don’t know what a long board is, its basically like a skate board but more for cruising instead of stunts. So its a mini long board and much easier to ride :) Anyway… I went to church to help out at a craft fayre. My friend and I were helping in the cafe. I also found a present for my mum for mothers day so that was handy! So from 10-5 I was doing that.. it was a long day and I just feel like relaxing now but I can’t. Well, I can for a little while but then I have to do homework because tomorrow is also chock-a-block. It was such a fun day! And afterwards… we went to KFC which was ace… we deserved it!;) You don’t even want to know what my lunch consisted of today. I had loads of healthy things packed in my bag. You know, apple chips, pesto pasta, granola bar. But then.. Aaron bought custard creams. Thats what I ate for lunch. Great huh? Tomorrow probably won’t be much better because the youth from my church are going to this event in Avimore. It is called Strictly Come Praying (I think) and tuns of youth from different youth groups over Scotland gather for this event. Theres worship, seminars, prayer (hence the name) and food. Food woohoo! So I am really excited about that. I’ll tell you how it goes!

Here are some photos from my day:

The Craft Fayre -


Personally, this was my favorite stall. It has my name written all over it - 


And this is what I bought my mum - 


And this is Aaron and I helping out in the cafe - 



It was such a lovely day!! I have to do a German past paper now but I’m looking forward to watching a little more Dance Academy and eating cookies later on:D Oh! And my mum just came home from work with a whole load of free bees from Salon Services. I CANNOT WAIT to try them out… maybe even write a review or two ;) 





The Secret Place.


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It all started at youth group a few weeks ago. There was worship playing in the background and we found a spot to just focus on God. Somewhere with no distractions. Naturally, I have to move far away from Rachael because we make each other laugh way too easily. No but, we are serious in these circumstances :) I have a spot in the room where I always sit. Its quite near the front but in front of a kind of board thing so no one can see me and I can only see those in front of me and the band. That is why I like this spot, no one watching but I can watch the band. Anyway, I was just sitting there trying to focus, trying to hear, trying to listen. Trying to go to my secret place. It wasn’t working. I couldn’t hear Jesus in my secret place.. I don’t know what I was or wasn’t doing but I thought I was trying really hard to concentrate. After a while, I just lay there, tears streaming down my face because I didn’t know what to do. All I knew is that I wanted to hear God’s voice so SO badly. It still wasn’t working. Afterwards, my friend came up to me and gave me a note. A note that, again, made my cry. I keep it in the back of my phone so I always have it with me. It says:

‘Lisa, I got a picture of a rose bud which grew into a huge rose! There’s so much in that! Growth. Beautiful fragrance. Beauty. Precious. Delicate.
People are fascinated by you. You excite people. People love to look at you and the things you do.’

It just blessed me, you know? Its nice to feel encouraged and feel that people appreciate you. Because, it isn’t always easy. Life isn’t always easy but when someone writes you a letter of a picture God gives them for you it just melts my heart. It gave me hope. Hope that God hasn’t forgotten me, that I am precious, beautiful and delicate. That I am a rose bud that will grow into a HUGE rose;) I love roses. I love Jesus :)

So, on Tuesday lyrics kept popping into my head. You know how it is? Or maybe you don’t.. but lyrics kept coming and eventually I had to write them down before I forgot. That day, when I was home by myself, I started to play. I started to work out how this song would flow. So that’s it! I really hope it works.. if it doesn’t I’ll re post it at some point.

Thank you beautiful people!

Side note: I got 25 out of 25 in my German speaking test. Happy Girly!! Thats 25% of my final grade.. so its pretty important. I’m off to drink a hot mug of tea and watch Dance Academy now :) Oh!! And.. my long board will be arriving at my house tonight! More on that later ;)

Where To Begin…


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I have no idea where to re-begin this whole blogging milarky. I guess I should probably tell you what I have been doing for the last two months. So the last kind of ‘event’ that I blogged about was Glasgow. Man, that was ages ago! So since then I’ve watched EVERY Gilmore Girls… I mean, this is an achievement. It was so so good! And so light hearted but addictive at the same time. I am also still in school and have chosen my subjects for 6th year. Yes, my last year of school. I remember my brother being in 6th year and thinking that he was way too old.. now I’m here and I am so excited! I chose Int2 Maths, Higher Art, Higher Modern Studies and Advanced Higher German. I was planning on taking Higher History. I love History but I needed to take Higher English for helping with the advanced level of essay writing in this subject. Lets face it, I am not the best at English. I can barely do Int2. I also have an idea for University and I need 4 highers (BBBC), Int2 maths and English at a grade 3 in Standard Grade. I have the grade 3 in English so that is VERY handy.. 

The course is called Tourism Management + an EU Language. I would take German as my foreign language. I think I would really love to study this because travelling is a passion that I have, I love finding out about different cultures and places. I have done a lot of research and have many back up plans (3 colleges and 3 universities). I feel so organised.. but it just hit me that you really have to at this stage… I have also done all of my prelims and I am confident that I at least won’t fail them. With study leave I hope that I will achieve the best that I can :) I need to get a B in RMPS. I got a C in the prelim so I think that should be fine :) 

Oh, and the University that I would most like to attend is Napier University in Edinburgh. Take a look:
Weird but wonderful, right? 
This part looks a bit more traditional :) 

The thing is, I really do love the mix of modern and tradition. On one hand I love the traditional environment but I also really think modern buildings look so cool! So yea, thats that :) 

On the non school side of things, I played guitar and sang along side one of my favorite people at youth. As you all know, confidence isn’t my strong point and I really wish it was easier for me. I also believe that I need to confront it.. Singing and playing guitar are two of my most favorite things to do in the world and I’m not going to let my nerves interfere with that. Worship is just what I do. I love it so much. I couldn’t preach or write a poem or paint an amazing prophetic picture.. there is just something about music that stirs something up inside of me. It makes me feel like I can do anything. It is my way of expressing myself. I can’t even describe it. If you have the same feeling as me, you will know what I mean :) So playing in the worship band went really really well. We both took turns to lead because I really rather leading than harmony to be honest. I have never really practiced harmonizing but it was so so much fun and I can’t wait to do it again some time. It’s so worth the nervous break down before hand ;)


There is probably loads more I could talk about but I am feeling that this blog post is long enough and I think your are updated enough for me to carry on as normal :D 
Love you all. 

Blogging World…. I’m Back!


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Wow. Wow. I’m just embracing how happy I am to be able to blog again. How long has it been? Good question. 
I am so so sorry, I never even wrote a blog post telling you guys that I haven’t died.. I just haven’t had wifi. Yes, I do live in the modern world.. apparently. My mum and I have been living in this apartment for months and only now do we have money for wifi. But, I am here and I am really looking forward to blogging again. You have no idea how much I have missed it! So, just in case you have forgotten what I look like, here you go: 



I still look the same, don’t worry.
I’ll be blogging again very soon. I just thought I’d check in to tell you the wonderful news ;) 

Do What Makes YOU Dance.


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Last Sunday a couple of things stuck in my head. Firstly, people were coming to the front to tell everyone what God was saying to them during the worship. One lady described what she saw. In front of the lyrics she saw, in huge writing, ‘I WILL make a way through the wilderness.’ A short, sweet statement. This stuck in my head and I had to write about it. The thing is, life is a wilderness without Jesus and even with Jesus some parts of life have more trees to find your way round than other parts of life. But we have Jesus. And he WILL make a way through the wilderness. ‘Will’ in capitals. Yesterday my mum told me that she got a job at Salon Services. That’s just a step to making our way out of the wilderness. Thank you Jesus. Your the best!;) 
Secondly, in the sermon there was one point where the speaker said ‘Do what makes you dance.’ Do what makes you dance, what brings you closer to God. Live for God and do what he has planned for you. 
That got me thinking, what makes me dance? What actually makes me dance? 
I figured that the place that makes me so joyful and so happy is Imagine/Soul Survivor. It’s a camp where we worship God, meet other Christians and non Christians, camp, learn about God, are taught through seminars, eat tuns of food, talent shows, skate park. It’s great! 
I know someone said to me that even if you feel close to God there, you still need to feel close to God everywhere not just there. That is a challenge for me.. Because when your in that environment it’s so much easier. I’m sure I’m not the only one. That’s my challenge this year. 
So that leads me on to ‘what will make me dance?’
Lately, I have been thinking a lot about what to do after school. Although the university or college environment is something that I really really look forward to and want to experience, I have one problem. I don’t know what I want to do. So, naturally, from the travelling lover over here, a gap year sounds pretty appealing. I’ve really always wanted to go on a gap year. Not only to become more independent, to find out who I am, see new places and have utterly new experiences, I also want to DO something. 
A few years ago (a few as in… Probably 7) in Sunday school, a lady said to me that I was going to do amazing things in the world. I never really thought about it until someone came to me and told me it was God that told her that. I was younger and didn’t really understand but now I long to know what it is. 

So, what I’d really love to do is… Are you ready?

First work for 6 months then fly to America in January for a 6 month internship (One Thing Internship) at IHOP (International House of Prayer) and then… Fly to Japan for a couple of months to work with an organisation called Not For Sale (more info soon). So that is what I’D love to do but whether God opens those doors is another question. 

All I know is, is that I’d really love to build my relationship up with God, and at IHOP there is heaps of time in the prayer room to spend with him. It would be somewhere where my mind is clear and I’d be able to focus, you know? I long to learn more and also discover Gods plans for me and what he wants me to do next and.. Maybe what to study at university/college because I have no clue. In the One Thing Internship, there are a group of people that do it and work together for those six months, there’s a lot of team work involved and I think it would really boost my confidence… I am really not confident.. I mean.. I get nervous about reading out my answers in class, doing talks, speaking into a microphone, playing in a worship band. Everything. Especially playing/leading in a worship band I really really don’t want to be nervous for because music is what I love and I love worshipping Jesus. I have lead worship and played in a worship band before and I find I’m crying to begin with but then when I realise that no one is laughing at me or looking at me funny, that its ok and really fun! However, I will never think that way about class talks or anything like that! Class talks can never be fun.. Haha!
Anyway, back to the point… IHOP sounds like somewhere I’d really love to go. 

Not For Sale. Human Trafficking is one of those things that I just can’t sit back and watch happen. Also, they are in Japan which means I can kill two birds with one stone and also see Peta;) 
I mean… Poverty is horrible! Debt is horrible! Homelessness is horrible! Child soldiers is horrible! But I can’t even describe it.. There is just something about putting an end to human trafficking that makes me dance. I can’t describe it.. I just have to do something. Anything to help. 
In school, when we were learning about slavery and sex trafficking it was one of those lessons where my eyes did not come of the teacher and my mouth touched the floor for the whole lesson. No one could talk to me because I was so engrossed in what I was hearing. I was so appalled by what I was hearing. I’d call my brother afterwards and tell him everything I learned.. 
I just can not grasp the logic behind human trafficking. I just want to show those victims love and trust. It makes me cry endlessly when I think especially about teenage girls being abducted because they thought they were helping their family in financial difficulties but in fact, they have entered into being forced to have sex. Forced. Buyers and sellers forcing girls and treating them like property. Choosing them off a list for their own pleasure and not even taking into account how worthless they must feel. It’s a trap.. One that’s difficult to get out of. Slavery… Being tortured, treated like rubbish.. Sold. People sold? How does that even work? People. Sold. No! 

I don’t know what it feels like to be bought and sold. I do know what it feels like to feel small. I do know what it feels like be unable to trust. I do know what if feels like to feel like you have no freedom. I know what it feels like to watch someone who’s being treated like nothing, being treated like property. Maybe I have felt these in different ways but I am not clueless. I just have to do something to help. I just have to show them love and trust because it will be ok. God loves and cares for us so it will be ok. 

So there we go. I was hoping that IHOP would allow me to gain more confidence, relationship with God and knowledge. To prepare me. If God doesn’t close the IHOP and Not For Sale doors, there is nothing stopping me. It will make me dance to see those who feel worthless know that they are precious and beautiful.


Encouragement on a Post-it Note.


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(I wrote this last night!)

Today, I didn’t really know what to call my blog post… I guess my kind of link to what I’m saying will become clearer throughout this post.. I hope haha! 


Its in middle of January. In Scotland, thats prelim time. For those of you who don’t know what prelims are they are basically exams before your final exams of the year. Last year they allowed appeals so that if you acheived better grades in the prelims than in the exams, they would update your grades to the prelim ones. I thought it was such a good idea :) Now though, in fifth year, they’ve scraped that.. now, they aren’t doing appeals and if you fail the prelims you aren’t allowed to sit the final exam. That kind of puts the pressure on! For the final exams its easier to be prepared because we have study leave but for Prelims we have to study at home on top of homework. So, this weekend I’m studying. Apart from meeting my friend for lunch, my other friend coming for a sleepover (Gilmore Girls is a win!) and going to church, the rest of my day is filled with studying. I actually enjoy studying. I like to memorize information using spider diagrams. For Standard Grade, my history teacher always told us that we should do spider diagrams and we always did and I think, personally for me, its an efficiant way of studying. I’m fairly organized when it comes to things like this so also making the strands different colors makes it fun ;) My first exam is art. Last year I didn’t have a writing exam but this year I do which means I have to memorize information about two designers and two artists. We’re doing Pablo Picasso, Audry Flack, Raymond Templier and Peter Chang. I don’t think it will be too difficult to remember a fair amount. My next is English. I’m worried about English. I’m not good at it but hopefully I can just pass so I can do the exam and hopefully have bettered myself by then. Then I have RMPS and I think I should be fine in that, then, Modern Studies and then German. German is a breeze so that  is one less to worry about and Modern Studies there is also a lot to remember but this weekend I’m going to finish all of the spider diagrams (I hope! There are absolutly tuns I have to write) and then on each week day I’ll only concentrate on the one I have the next day.

My brother is coming home tonight! I am so excited… he’s going to also help me study and test me so It’ll be clear on what I need to work on most. I am also very nearly finished The Princess Bride. I’m not going to read for this week and week after because of Prelims but if anyone has any recommendations of books for me to read after that, please comment below and tell me! Oh! And, read The Princess Bride by William Goldman. If you know me, then I have most lilkey raved about Nought and Crosses. Who would have thought a book could top it?! Read The Princess Bride and you’ll find out ;)

So, to get to the title of this post… today while I was clearing out my DVD box I found an  envelope at the bottom. It said ‘God’ on it so I opened it and inside was an envelope with ‘Jesus’ written on it. I opened the next and it said ‘Lisa’ on it and then I opened that and it had a post-it note that said ‘Jesus’. I remembered this… it was from Woman Aglow one evening and we were told to put it somewhere where we could find it and open it. I forgot it was there. I opened it at the perfect time because, the ‘Lisa’ envelope especially was so.. well.. right. It just reminded me that Jesus is always with me. He’s like a post it note.. he sticks really well and won’t leave but if you force the post it note away, it does come off. But then you feel by yourself. Jesus isn’t in the envalope. He might be lying around somewhere but he isn’t in the ‘Lisa’ envalope. Do you understand what I’m saying? Keep Jesus close :)

An Unexpected Journey AND Glasgow Adventures!


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I know this is 2 days late but bare with me, I just came to So Coco today. Oh, and now, the manager knows me because of my hat. What a legend! 

So, I guess your all just dying to know what we got up to in Glasgow. Well, I woke up at 04.30 and Rachael at 05.00. It was easier than I thought to wake her. We left at about 06.10 to walk to the bus stop. The first bus was boltic! We almost missed our bus from Perth… because, we didn’t know if it was the London bus we had to take but luckily I ended up asking. The seemed miserable that’s why we were hesitating. The second bus was Mega Bus and it was lovely and warm, with Wifi! score! In Glasgow we met Peta and headed on our church adventures. 

Lets just say, we basically had a tour around the whole of Erskine… we resorted to asking in a HUGE Hotel that looked like Downton Abbey… seriously. We came in with our winter coats, jeans and boots while they were wearing tartan posh trousers. Pretty much felt like an outsider in there. I would have came back with photographic evidence but had to head straight back to find church. Now, what we found out was that One Direction and Kylie Minogue etc stayed in this hotel when they came… ok.. thats why we felt like outsiders haha! Eventually, we found the church. It was so cute! Tuns of little kids :’) AND Banana cake!! 

So at church they sermon was on An Unexpected Journey. There were three points:

1) To expect the unexpected. 
God loves to do things unexpectedly. For example, in Acts 9:1-19 Saul was the least likely candidate.. he was guilty of breathing our murderous threats and was going to get permission to wipe out all Christians. He had done so much harm. Who would have thought he’d be used by God? We know that, if Saul can be saved, anyone can!

2) Place of prayer.
Does it tell us that Saul was already a man of prayer?
When something unexpected happened in his life, he prayed like never before.
When we start to pray from our hearts, God will speak. Sometime, things don’t change just like that. Sometimes, they take time and we just have to have faith in the fact that God starts to work even if we can’t see it straight away. Prayer isn’t just essential, its vital. Its a matter of life and death.  

3) Empowering of the Spirit. 
In verse 8, something happened immediately when he was filled with the holy spirit. When we’re filled with the holy spirit and our vision can be renewed. Perhaps if your struggling with where God wants you, you might need to be filled afresh because God has an incredible plan for you. That involves experiencing the unexpected with God.

Church was so good :) After church, we journeyed to the city center and done a little bit of shopping. We spent the most time in Forever 21 because they don’t have that where we live so it was cool! We have just the best fashion sense.. (All will become clear soon.) In the city center there was a cute cafe hidden away. They sold high tea so that’s what we had :) And, hot milk with honey and nutmeg. Delicious! After high tea, we wondered for a bit and took many pictures with mine and Petas mascot, Custard. (Again, all will become clear soon;) ) and then we headed to Petas hotel to charge and phones and chill out a little bit before Nandos. One thing I learned was that I don’t think I will ever ever be able to be a spicy food eating person. I thought the mild one was a bit spicy and when I tried the medium sauce, I downed my apple juice and had to rush to get a glass of water. Madness! :D

Anyway, here are some pictures of our day (In no order)  We always make such wonderful memories. I love you Peta!!! Miss you already!

Tea and Custard tart in Nandos. 



Beautiful. Just Beautiful. 

We love Custard! 




We’re cool. 




Someone loves syrup….

In Hollister… Custard too! 

Lets just make this clear… its meant to say hot! :D 



Frankly the weirdest shop! 


Mini Mario!! 


This is what happens when Peta and I go clothes trying on… 




Carpark selfies

utside Forever 21 :D 

t seems I much more excited about the fact that Nandos had frozen yogurt!!! I love frozen yogurt!! 




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